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Easy Voice Recorder for Android

| 5 August 2013 |

Nowadays, smartphones other than their main function as a mobile phone can be used as a digital camera, Mp3 or video player, a portable game console, eBook reader or a professional sound recorder.

In this AW Center widget review, we have chosen Easy Voice Recorder (EVR) as one of the best Android sound recorder widgets which can turn your home screen to a big recording button.


Easy Voice Recorder Main Features:


  • Different sound quality for small files (AMR), Balanced size (AAC), and High quality (PCM)
  • A simple player to listen to saved sounds
  • Easily share recorded files
  • Home screen widgets to record without opening the app


The user interface of this voice recorder for Android app is really simple and has 2 tabs: One to record voices and the other to play back the recorded voices. You can easily change the quality of sounds in the settings and then tap the record button on the first tab. You can also pause the recording if needed. There is a notification icon on the status bar, which shows the status of the recording at the moment, and you can simply understand if the recording is in the process or have been paused.

In the second tab, you can listen to the entire recorded sounds, edit the name, and share the files with friends.


There are 2 resizable home screen widgets and 1 EVR toggle button available for Easy Voice Recorder

EVR Toggle Record/Stop: this 1×1 widget starts and stops the recording by toggling the widget on or off

EVR Record Stop: This resizable widget can be either a small or big Recording Button on your home screen and you just need to tap the button to start the recording. Stopping the recording is possible by tapping the widget again. This is kind of useful for reporters as they have to be prepared to start recording at any time.

EVR Record/Pause/Stop: This is the other resizable widget of EVR which lets you also pause the recording from home screen other than starting and stopping the recording. There is also a MIC button which takes you to the main app, if tapped.

Easy Voice Recorder is really an Easy to work app and widget to record voices. The home screen widgets of this voice recorder for Android are really useful and the only thing we wish to see in the next updates is, adding the ability to edit and cut the recorded voices right from the application itself.

EVR comes in two free and paid versions, and if you want to get rid of ads, change the location of saved files to SD card, and record in stereo, you have to update to the Pro version.

Download Easy Video Recorder from Google Play