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Enable/Disable System Settings by Toggle Notification Bar Buttons

| 26 September 2013 |

Notification Toggle is one of the handiest Android applications and although it doesn’t offer any home screen widget, but since it uses the Notification Panel space to toggle system settings, we added it to our widget review list.

As the name suggests the application appends some icons to your notification panel letting you control and toggle almost any system settings by a single tap! From toggling the usual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and silent mode to some advanced system settings like: tethering, previous/next music and flashlight. If your device is rooted, you can install the app in /system/app for direct GPS toggle even on Android 2.3+ and more.


It also provides some customizable icons and the ability to add shortcut to your own apps in an easy to use graphical user interface

Notification Toggle lets you toggle more than 45 system settings. There are two check boxes in front of each item. Each of them correspond to one row. You are free to select all those toggles and have them on your notification in these two rows. Not advised though! The more toggles you select the smaller the icons will get. So choose wisely which icon you really need there. We recommend a maximum of 6 icons in two rows each having three items.


Among these toggle items, we saw some very interesting shortcuts. There is an option that you can rotate the screen manually by 90 degrees (CCW) without the need to rotate your phone. This may come handy in some situation. There are also options to enable 4G, change wallpaper (third party app required), lock the screen, open camera, reboot, shutdown, sync, and pause the music and a lot more. You can even set to open a custom app.

Notification Toggle lets you customize every single icon in this application. This feature enables you to define your own colors for each icon. If you don’t like the default icons, you can do this simply via the Icons & Colors section.


As a Result

Pros: Very handy, customizable icons & colors, ability to download alternative icons

Cons: lack of widgets, it would be nice if there was an option to change the whole icons at once by giving an icon pack. As the number of system toggles increases, the size of icon decreases, So we would prefer to be able to swipe left or right to see other system settings, just like what we see in Galaxy S4.

If you prefer toggling systems settings from the notification panel, rather than using some home screen widgets, then Notification Toggle is going to be a MUST have app on your device.


Notification Toggle General Features:

  • Toggle system settings from notification
  • More than 45 system shortcuts
  • Support for shortcut to app
  • Customizable icons & colors
  • & more

Download Notification Toggle from Google Play