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EuroSport for Android: Leading Source for Eurpean Sports

| 29 August 2013 |

The favorite Sports source, Eurosport! on your home screen. EuroSport is known for its real time coverage for many sports all around the globe and its official Android application delivers the news faster, and the breaking news feature, delivers the news faster and faster.

The information available in the application is really perfect and we couldn’t think of any more details for most of the major leagues and sports. For example for a Football Match in Champions league, you get these details: match highlight, text commentary, lineup, formation, final result, user comments and more.

Tapping the Live icon shows you the entire live events, as well as finished events and coming up events.

Other parts of the application are about headlines, in brief and videos.

You can also use the top menu to choose your favorite sport and it only shows news and results about the selected sport.

When tapping the Alarm icon on the top right, you get to choose for which event you would like to be notified about your favorite team(s): Score change, News, Kick-off, and Result.

EuroSport Main Features:

  • Easy to Navigate
  • Support Major leagues and Sports
  • Complete Live Score and Result database
  • Add comments and view others’ comments
  • Breaking news for favorite teams
  • Text commentaries for Premier League
  • 2 Home Screen widgets
  • Sharing news with friends


There are 2 home screen widgets available for EuroSport which the design reminded us of CNN Widget.

The 4×1 widget, shows the latest news headlines for your favorite sports (or all sports) on home screen and you can change the update interval from every 15 minutes to everyday. Tapping the arrow keys takes you to the next and previous news.

The 4×2 widget, shows the latest news headlines with a picture and you swipe down or up to move between different news (like the CNN widget). Available options are changing the sport, and update frequency.

We really enjoyed going through different menus and sections, and we noticed no lags or issues. If your favorite leagues are supported, then you should consider using EuroSport very often because of its detailed statistics, analysis, and news.


Download from Google Play