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Extended Controls – Android Toggle Switch Widget

| 22 May 2013 |
Android Power Control

Extended Control  app is a great tool and a far better than the other control widgets which allows you to use variety of widgets to control system settings and power controls. The designed widgets for this app provide very good and useful personalization capabilities and have a beautiful and conceptual interface.

Almost no other App on the Android operating system can be found that have Extended Controls features and toggles. A list of widgets and power control settings with pretty and friendly user interface make the application one of the most popular ones.

Enabling and disabling the system settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Rotate the screen, Display brightness, Different profiles and the others can be found and use in a beautiful and customizable style in this app.

 Extended Controls is an essential app for everyone who uses Android operating system. More than 30 features, with the ability to change and adjust to the desired, allow accessing each single most important settings and applications of your phone.  Let’s say goodbye to waste time searching menus to toggle each feature off or on separately.

Some of the settings that are supported in this app include:

• Select the network
• Wi-Fi
• Sync
• Set the time out display
•Reboot the phone
• Locking Screen
• View different system information
• screen Rotation 

Download Extended Controls from Google Play

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