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Final Countdown: Android Countdown Timer Widget & App

| 14 July 2013 |
Final Countdown is one of the easiest to use Android countdown timer app we’ve seen. You just need to add different events to the app and it shows a countdown timer on your Home Screen to make sure you never forget that event(s). Let’s create an event and review Final Countdown features. To create an Event, tap the Plus icon on the top right and then other options are as follows:

1. Name: Write a name for the countdown event

2. Date & Time: Set the Ending time for countdown. If you don’t like to scroll the numbers, simply tap it and write the number for Day and Year

3. Recurring: specify if the event is an repeating event or not? you can set to repeat Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly

4. Reminder: It reminds you from 5 mintues before the event to 2 days before the event. You can also change the Alarm ringtone

5. Skin: You can customize the countdown skin or choose from 12 default skins. Available customizations are: Changing the color of digits, background, and border. You may also use a picture from gallery to set as the countdown background.

6. Tap the Save icon and you should now see the new event in the list

Timer tab lets you create a timer, and it rings as soon as the timer reaches Zero.


Now go to your Widget lists, and Add one of two Final Count Down Home Screen Widgets. The only difference is about the size, which are 2×1 and 4×1.

When adding the widget, the list of added events appear and you need to tap one of them to add it to your home screen. The home screen widget shows the remaining seconds, minutes, hours, and days. If you tap the widget you can see how many days, hours, minutes, seconds, or milliseconds are remained to end the countdown (For example 4921 hours, or 295271 minutes). You can also share the status of the counter. It sends screen shot with the details about remaining time to end the event.

Note that you can add as many timers as you want on your Home Screens and there is no limitations. It is really simple, easy to use, useful and if you are looking for a countdown timer, you just found the best app.

Download Final Countdown from Google Play