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Flight Track for Android

| 22 June 2013 |

Flight Track is an online flight tracking application. Find out about departure info, delays, gate number and anything you need to know about your flight. There are a lot more features Flight Track will provide that you wouldn’t find on your flight tickets! Enter a flight number and see how the application  starts tracking the flight online on the map. It is really so easy to use. When you open the application, you see the world map. It simply invites you to add a flight by tapping the Add Flight button on the top right side. Upon clicking, the search dialog appears. Here lies the power of Flight Track. You don’t need bunch of information about that flight to start tracking it. The application will simply ask you for the flight number. If you don’t know it, no worries. There is an alternate way. You can do this via the Route tab. In this tab you set the date and the Departure & Arrival airport. The rest is up to the application to find all flights took place between these two airports on the specified date. After you found what you were looking for, the flight detail dialog appears on top. In this dialog you find full flight details within three tabs: Details, Schedule and Extras. This is where you find all information mentioned above: Flight departure, delays, gate number, terminal info, seat maps, terminal maps, terminal weather situation, alternate flights, flight boards, delay forecasts, distance travelled & left, flight speed, airliner, altitude and a lot more.

The good news is that the application comes with two special widgets. The larger one called Flight List displays list of flights you have saved via the details dialog with respect to details for each one: origin & distination cities, airliner, departure & arrival time and flight status. There is also an add flight button at the top, but that will not let you directly add them via the widget. It will lead you to the application.

The other widget called Next Flight does what it says. Gives you details for the next flight just like the other one + gate number. This widget lacks the button for adding a flight.



Key Features:

  •  Tremendous airport coverage: more than 3000 worldwide airports
  •  Available with 2 widgets – track right from your home screen!
  • Share flight status with friends over social networks or email
  • Realtime maps with satellite and weather radar imagery
  • Find full flight details: departure, delays, gate number, terminal, airtime, aircraft, speed, altitude & more
  • Offline mode


Download Flight Track from Google Play