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Floating Touch: Assistive Touch for Android

| 16 July 2013 |
Another widget review on AW Center, and another iOS feature on Android. I am going to talk about Assistive Touch for Android. I first saw  Assistive Touch on iOS5 and since iDevices home buttons are not as strong as expected, it was really useful and I always use it on my iPod touch. Floating Touch is what you need to add an  Assistive Touch on your Android phone or tablet. ُThis Android widget (Can we call it a Widget? or it should be called an App) add a floating touch icon on your screen and tapping it, gives you access to system settings, your favorite apps, clear memory, lock the phone or even turn on the LED Flash as a torch.


When opening Floating Touch, you can assign different tasks to each part of the circle (The circle has been divided to 8 parts). In the free version you get to perform these actions: Volume Up, Volume Down, Lock Screen, Home, Clear Memory, Menu, Back, Recent Apps (these three mentioned actions need Root device), Flashlight, Brightness, Rotation, Bluetooth, Access Point Network (APN), WiFi, GPS, Ring Mode, Airplane Mode, Expand Status Bar, and Customize Floating Touch. You can also use it as an app launcher and assign up to 8 apps to be opened by tapping this Assistive touch icon.

On the free version you can choose the pointer icon from 5 default icons, and also change the Size and Alpha of the icon. The panel color is changed to Light Green, Pink, Grey, Blue, and Green.


After using Floating Touch for a while, we found it really smooth and it does perfectly what it is meant to do. But I found some thing somehow strange! When the phone is locked, I pressed the Emergency Calls, and then tapped the Floating icon. Opening an application was not possible But when I unlocked my phone, I noticed all those apps were actually open and were draining my battery. And  I was also able to toggle On or Off system settings, like WiFi or Data Network, and turn torch on or off or clear memory. And these issues made me uninstall the app and wait for the next update. If you don’t mind about these Bugs, you can download Floating Touch and enjoy its great features.

Download Floating Touch from Google Play