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Gauge: Analog Android Battery Widget

| 11 June 2013 |
Analog Battery Widget

Gauge battery is an innovation in Android battery widget style. Consisting of 3 widgets, it is ideal for users who are bored of having ordinary battery widgets. This application displays your current battery status in an analog style, rather than completely digital. The widgets coming with this application are highly customizable.


Key Features

  • High quality graphics widget in 3 different sizes
  • Displays battery left percentage on home screen
  • Customizable widget colors, font sizes, borders
  • View battery status, temperature and voltage  in notification bar


After you choose to have any of the 3 sized widgets on your home screen, you can configure what your widget should look like. There are a lot of options to choose here: You can change the widgets background opacity to have a completely transparent background. Beside the font/color customization options, you can choose as action when tapping the widget; this will enable you to quickly run your custom applications or to access certain system settings via tapping the widget.

For the notification bar, these options are available: Voltage, battery temperature, charging status, remaining charging time, estimated time it took the battery charged. The tapping action is also available for the notification bar icon.


Note1: To avoid any unexpected behavior, do not install/transfer widgets to SD card. Google does not recommend this.

Note2: You may have difficulty using this widget, if a task killer app has been already installed

Download Gauge Battery Widget from Google Play

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