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Hotspot Toggle Android Widget – WiFi Tethering from Home Screen

| 10 September 2013 |
Samsung’s Launcher, TouchWiz, is known for its quick system settings toggle buttons and the popularity of such feature, made Google add some quick settings access on Jelly Bean 4.2 as well. But these toggles don’t cover all the power controls you need and then you have to install other Toggle Button apps, so to have access to your favorite settings from either home screen or the notification panel. One of these system settings is Hotspot Toggle which is very useful for those who use this feature very often and you don’t have to go through menus to enable or disable WiFi Portable Hotspot to share the internet of your device to other devices via WiFi.

In this AW Center widget review, we present 2 of the best Hotspot Toggle Android Widgets to turn off or turn on WiFi Tethering from Home Screen.

Hotspot Toggle Widget

This is a lightweight 1×1 widget with the ability to do one simple task: Disabling or Enabling WiFi Tethering, by tapping the home screen widget. It offers no more options and you may find the widget icon a little bit bad designed. But it does what it is meant to do, perfect and flawless. After installing the widget, make sure to look for “Hotspot Toggle” in your widgets list.

Wifi Tethering Widget

This is another widget, with the same functionality as  the Hotspot Toggle Widget. Other than providing the option to turn off/on WiFi hotspot, it also lets you define an auto stop time, so tethering stops as soon as it reaches the provided time.

Both widgets, restore the previous WiFi state after you stop sharing your mobile data (3G/4G) connection and make sure you have already setup your access points settings such as SSID and security password before using the widgets.

Download  Hotspot Toggle Widget from Google Play

Download Wifi Tethering Widget from Google Play