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Jorte Calendar: Android Calendar Widget

| 5 June 2013 |
Android Organizer App

Jorte Calendar is one of the best and most popular Android calendar apps in Google Play. This free app has a really simple and neat user interface. But what make this app special are its great and cool features in such a clean UI. The available personalization and customization options make you feel you are using a real calendar at your desk either in your office or home. You can easily add your tasks, memos, and agenda on the calendar, and mark some of them as important or completed. The reminder feature, reminds you about the upcoming tasks before its time comes.
Thanks to the cloud computing, Jorte Cloud enables you to back up and sync the entire data on your calendar and you can access them whenever or wherever you want from you smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop. There is also an in app purchase feature to get new backgrounds and icons for your calendar.

About the home screen Android calendar widget, Jorte provides you different widget size with many customization options. You can add the entire calendar, daily or weekly schedule, task, agenda and vertical view on your home screen. Some customization options are: Choosing Period of display, Style, Transparency of the background and Character size. In the screen shots below you can see what your home screen looks like when adding different widget sizes on home screen (We just added some random tasks, so you can get a better view of the widgets in different sizes and transparency).

 Android Calendar Widget

Jorte Calendar Main Features:

  • Sync and Backup with Jorte Colud
  • Different home screen widgets
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly view
  • Marking some tasks as important
  • Syncing with Google Calendar
  • Import and Export in CSV format
  • Choose the first day of the week
  • Supports Google Voice and Google Maps
  • Vertical and Horizontal view


Download Jorte Calendar from Google Play