Lastet Review

Last Call Widget for Android

| 9 August 2013 |

Turn on the screen, unlock the phone, take a quick look at your home screen, and be notified about the last incoming, outgoing and missed calls. This is what Last Call Widget does and it does it perfect.

There are 2 home screen widgets available for Last Call Widget which function the same and the only difference is about the size; one is 2×1 and the other is 4×1.

When adding the widget, you have the following options:

Select the background color from 6 available colors (It is referred as changing style, but the only difference between the styles is about the background color)

Specify what to show on the screen; incoming calls, outgoing calls, and missed calls. You may choose any combination of them which is a very useful feature. The last option is for text messages which is available for premium version only

Choose the text color, which unlike the background color, you are not limited to some colors.

Enable or disable quick call when tapping the dial button

Show or hide time since calls finished

Show or hide contact details pop-up


Last Call Widget does what it is expected to do and as mentioned does it neat and perfect.
What we liked about the widget, other than its UI and design, is that you can have separate widgets for different type of calls with different customizations.

What we didn’t like about the widget is that when you add the widget on the home screen, there is no way to customize it again. The other thing about this widget which uses about 8mb of RAM, is regarding the quick dial feature. If the contact has more than 1 phone number, tapping the dial button doesn’t start calling that specific number and instead, it opens the contact detail pop-up.

 We are hoping to see the scrollable version of the widget or at least the feature to see 5 or 10 last calls on home screen.

Download Last Call Widget from Google Play