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Meta Widget: Add Interactive web contents on Home Screen!

| 1 October 2013 |

We have seen many creative ideas in Android development, from Touchpal keyboard and Buzz launcher to simpler Android applications like Timetable and Notification Toggle – all having something new to say. Here we are to introduce a very clever Android widget application that fascinated us. We have already introduced some very powerful Android widget creator apps, each of them enabling the user to create custom widgets for their Home Screen. Meta Widget lets you take one huge step further, create interactive custom widgets from web contents. Let’s break the task to 2 tasks: You bring the Creativity while Meta Widget creates your creativity.

Using Meta you can take a portion of a website, convert it to a widget and bring it to your home screen. This unique app lets you browse to any website within its built-in browser and gives you the tools to clip any part of the content into interactive widgets. It is almost possible to parse out any web contents: texts, images, lists, tables and feeds. Now you can have your local newspapers, images, maps, posts, forum threads and even Facebook pages right on your home screen. It is especially useful for website owners to observe site statistics (stat counter) right from their home screen.


The app gives you a 1×1 widget. After you clipped the web content, you can adjust the size to fill any space you require.

Besides everything mentioned, the app gives you the option to modify the look & feel of your widget. Feel free to adjust text size, text color, widget alignment, background color and clicking behavior. The clicking action can be set to: update the content, open browser or to open widget configuration window. What we miss here is the feature to open a custom app. The pro version of Meta has an auto update feature that automatically updates the widget contents in the specified time interval. In the widget configuration window you can also give an Item sort order, see the content URL, modify CSS path as well as an option to repair the broken authorization.


 Pros: Unique method of widget creation, Configurable widgets

Cons: The app needs an update to fix some bugs like compatibility with different devices, but it seems the developers have no plan to update the application since it has not been updated for about 10 months.


We recommend you to use this application. You can create widgets that nobody has ever seen. The only thing is that the app might not work on your device, just try and see if it does. Other than that, head to the store, install it and start creating your own creative widgets.

 Meta Widget General Features

  • Bring web contents to your home screen
  • Easy to use – create widget within a second
  • Create unlimited number of widgets
  • Resizable & customizable widgets
  • User defined click actions
  • Manual & auto update
  • & many more


Download Meta Widget from Google Play