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Mini Info Classic Shows System Info on Home Screen Neat and Clean

| 9 October 2013 |
Let’s start the widget review with the conclusion: Among the many Android apps and widgets categorized as productivity apps, Mini Info Classic is light, neat, clean and uses small space to show useful system info on Home Screen.


When you open the Mini Info application from the app drawer, a popup appears with information about the system, like: Battery percentage, Memory space (internal and external if available), CPU usage, Total RAM and free RAM, as well as some quick system settings toggles: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Volume, Brightness, Access Point, Airplane Mode, Auto rotate, Sync, and more. In the application’s setting you can choose the Tap Action for tapping either of the Battery info, Disk Space, SD card, RAM/CPU info and Toggle Bar settings.


When you add the 2×1 Mini Info Widget to Home Screen, the widget settings is opened and after customizing the widget, you can place it on home screen. You can choose from 10 different themes like Tansparent, Glass, Black button, White button and else, Choose the font color from Black and White, Select the view type from these options: Three column, Detailed solo, Two column, Two row (Except the first option, the other 3 are available only in Pro version), select them number of system info to see on the widget, and finally select which system info you would like to see on home screen.


We really liked the design of the widget which is both neat and clean, and the fact that it shows necessary system info in a 2×1 home screen widget. The other positive feature of Mini Info Classic is that you can add as many widget as you want with different settings, customization and system info to see on home screen. The negative point about the application is about the frequency of update, which we would prefer to have an option to change the update interval. For now, it seems we should tap the widget to update the system info.

Download Mini Info Classic from Google Play