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Minimalistic Text: Make Your Home Screen Unique

| 24 August 2013 |
Minimalistic Text is indeed one of the most unique and special Android widgets, we’ve ever seen on the market. It shows Time, Date, Battery level, and Weather information in a minimalistic way with many options and customizations. Unlike our other reviews, we start by the conclusion part: What we really liked about this cool widget is the available customizations, which you can change background, orientation, layout, text style and tap behavior. On the other side, the only thing we didn’t like is that these widgets are not resizable and you need to first choose the size (from 15 available sizes in 3 pages on a 5 inches screen) and then add it to home screen.

Now, let’s add a 4×1 widget size and review the steps:

1. Choose a layout to start with. Available layouts are: Simple time, Time & Date, Battery Bar, Weather in Celsius, or Weather in Fahrenheit.

2. Background customizations: show or hide a background behind the text, choose the color of background, and change shadow settings which are: shadow color, radius, x-offset, and y-offset.

3. Orientation customizations: Widget direction which can set to be Down-top, Left-right, or Top-down, Choosing both horizontal and vertical orientation of the whole textblock and the text inside the block.

4. Layout customization: This tab is for those who want to be more unique and want to change the layout. It is recommended to leave this tab unchanged, but if you insist on changing, tap the question mark on the bottom to see the help.

5. Text style: Change the style for accented, non accented and normal texts. You can change the font, size, color, blur style, blur radius and also make it bold, italic or underlined.

6. Tap behavior lets you choose the action when tapping on the widget which can be one of these: take no action, speak the widget contents, or start another activity (opening an app for example)

When you are done customizing, tap the Save button and enjoy your unique home screen widget.

Minimalistic Text makes your home screen as unique as your are! and of course it is a MUST HAVE Android Widget…

Download Minimalistic Text From Google Play