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Monitor Data Usage from Home Screen with Onvao Count

| 3 September 2013 |
Onavo Count is one of the best Android apps to monitor data usage on your device (without any doubts). Last week, we showed you how to use Onavo to control data, and this AW Center widget review goes in details of 3 home screen widgets offered by Onavo Count app:

Onavo Count  Apps: This 4×2 home screen widget, shows the mobile data used by each application separately through the cycle. You just need to tap the arrow keys to move between apps to see how much data they have used when connected to the mobile data network. This is very useful to keep track of applications with high data usage (especially background usages). Tapping the widget takes you to the Overview tab.

Onavo Count Live: The 4×1 home screen widget, shows the data used by each app for the last 30 minutes. Live data usage is very helpful to see what is going on in the background of your device at the moment. We really loved how accurately the data usage is updated in the live panel.

Onvao Count Stats: The last widget offered by Onavo is a resizable widget which the size can vary from 1×1 to 4×1. It shows  your data plan in the cycle, number of days passed (number of days to end the cycle), and data used through the cycle. The number of details to show reduces as you reduce the size of the widget.


These 3 home screen widgets are very helpful and it helps you monitor data usage from Home Screen of your Android device. The only drawback we can mention is the lack of option to resize the widget. For instance the Onavo Count Apps uses half of the screen, and we assume with a little change in the design, it can show the information in a smaller spot.

If you are not much familiar with Onavo Count great features, check out this list:

  • Setting up a Billing Cycle, and Data Plan
  • Setting up data usage warning threshold (For example Alert me when the usage reached 75% of my allowed data)
  • Shows the average data usage per app (It includes most used and trending apps) and notifies you if the app you are going to install fits in your data plan or not
  • Shows you how much you have used your data for music, video, travel or other apps

Download Onavo Count from Google Play