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My Budget Book: Android Expense Management App & Widget

| 9 July 2013 |
How do you manage your income and expense? Are you one of those who just don’t know where all their money is gone before the end of the month? 

There are many applications available for managing your expense and incomes, which tracks all your accounts and manage your money through the month. The main task of these kinds of apps is: Let you know how much you have spent from the beginning of month, and how much you can spend until the end of the month? My Budget Book is one of the most powerful Android Expense Management apps and widgets, which does the mentioned task perfectly.


My Budget Book Main Features:

  • Create and Manage more than one account
  • Transfer between different accounts
  • Easily Adding Expense and Incomes
  • Graphs to compare balance status over months
  • Different categories for expenses and incomes
  • Works offline


When you first open the app, you will love how simple the user interface is. Other than showing the current balance (it is possible to change it either monthly balance, or monthly expenditure, or monthly revenues), you have these options on the main page of the app: Revenues, Expenditures, Standing Orders, Templates, Categories, Uncategorized, Last Entries, Detailed search, and watching.

There are 5 tabs at the bottom of the app which are: Status, Overview, Transactions, Statistics, and Diagram. These tabs are really practical and you can set different period of time to get track of your account in those specified time intervals.

Different actions can be added to the app by tapping the 3 line icon on the top right, actions like: Add expense, Add revenue, Add transfer, Modify last transaction, Select account, Pie Chart, Create backup. CSV and HTML are the available formats for exporting the data on the app.

My Budget Book comes with 4 handy home screen widgets:


4×1 widget: This widget shows the current balance and lets you add expense or revenues by tapping the corresponding icons

1×1 widget: There are 3 widgets with this size, which are for quick access to adding expenses, adding revenues, and transferring between accounts.


Download My Budget Book from Google Play