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MyProfiles+ : Manage Profiles from Home Screen

| 19 September 2013 |

MyProfiles+ is a handy Android profile management application. Using its two 1×1 widgets and notification icon, you can quickly access and set the desired profile, create, edit or remove them at once.

The first widget directs you to the main application where you can choose the current profile. By default there are 6 profiles available, Normal, Sleep, Outdoor, Online, Offline and Driving.  The good news is you can simply create a new profile by tapping new button from the menu. In the new profiles settings, in addition to altering system sounds and vibrations (ringtones and notifications), you can put hands on display settings (i.e. brightness, screen timeout, wallpaper &…), wireless settings (i.e. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data, airplane mode & …), phone settings, launching and closing an application and more.

Unlike the first widget, the other one is a shortcut to the profile itself and directly activates the chosen one (instead of redirecting to the main application). This feature requires the PRO version.

Besides the manual method of activating profiles (using the widgets), profiles can also be activated using the Rules option. So that it is possible to automatically activate a profile based on a specific location, calendar, battery status, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, screen, etc.

As the verdict, we recommend this application for most users. The graphical UI is really user friendly and everything is perfectly organized in the correct category. The widgets do not use that much space so you can place them anywhere on your home screen. MyProfiles not only can cover all the needs a user might expect from a profile manager application, but it can also provide advanced settings that are surprising.


MyProfiles+ General Features:

  • Manual and Automatic profile switch (based on location, timer, calendar, etc)
  • Switch profile by specific foreground app
  • Apply 30+ settings by one click
  • 2 desktop widgets
  • Support for themes
  • 2 way location detection (using nearby cell or GPS)
  • & more


Download MyProfiles+ from Google Play