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NYTimes for Android – Widget Review

| 27 July 2013 |

NYTimes for Android; The App name reveals everything you should expect from this Android app and widget. You can have unlimited access to all the New York Times news on your Android phone or tablet (After one week of trail use, some charges may apply). If you are not a digital subscriber of NYTimes, you may get disappointed for the 3 article limitations per day.

The App concept is like other Android news apps, which is trying to provide the latest news in the palm of your hand.

There are more than 20 news categories and many blogs available for you to follow. If you enable the Breaking News feature, you will get breaking news popup as soon as their occurrence. Navigating between pages, categories and news is super smooth and you can easily share some news to friends or save them for reading them later. We also liked the video section of the app.

Before getting to the NYTimes Widget review, we should mention that the three dot icon on the top right, doesn’t function properly, and although we had updated to the latest version, we had to close and re open the application every time facing this problem, and the app seems to be draining battery more than the normal amount.


There is one resizable home screen widget which the size can be changed from 4×1 to 4×4 (covers the whole screen).

After adding the widget, you are notified about widget malfunction when moving the app to the SD Card, and then you get to choose the section you would like to follow from Home Screen.  Some available sections are: Top News, Most E-Mailed, Photos, Videos, U.S., Business day, Technology, Health, Movies, and Travel.

You can also change the update interval time which can be set from every 30 minutes to every 24 hours.

After adding the widget, you can resize the widget to see more than one news headline at a time. If you drag down the widget for a bigger size, the news summary is also shown. Scrolling is very fast and smooth and we didn’t face any problem using the home screen widget.


NYTimes for Andorid is the best choice for those who already have a digital NYTimes subscription and want to access the latest news from their favorite source on their home screen. And if you are not already a subscriber, you can use the free trail for one week to see if it satisfies you or not.

Download NTTimes for Android from Google Play