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Pills On The Go: Pill Reminder App for Android

| 3 October 2013 |

This happens to all of us forgetting to take our pills especially when we are travelling or busy working. Guys at App Singularity think they have a solution to this agonizing situation. They have introduced an application for Android which focuses on reminding users to take their pills on time. Using alarms and widgets, Pills on the Go as an pill reminder app for Android, can remind you regardless of where you currently are and you will not forget to take them anymore as long as you take your phone with you. Using the homescreen widgets, medication plans are always in front of your eyes.


Use Pills on the Go to keep track of your drugs. Use the app’s intuitive user interface to add your plans, medicine, days of week, time and dose. Medication amounts don’t have to be whole pills, since 0.5 is selectable as well. Now for the final step, drag the widget to your homescreen and leave the rest to the application. The app will let you know when you need to take your next pill.


Pills on the Go offers two different widget sizes: 4×2 and 4×1. Use the widgets to keep track of your medicines right from your Home Screen. The 4×1 widget displays the next upcoming schedule alert. Clicking the widget opens up the plans window where you can see the whole schedule alerts for the week and add a new plan if you want. When it’s time to take the medicines, Pill on the Go notifies you with your custom specified ringtone and a notification indicating to take your pills. The alarm repeats for 30 minutes during which you have to take your pills or skip if you don’t like. To mark a pill as taken, click on the widget, click and hold on the desired plan and select Take from the opening float menu. That stops the app from alerting that plan anymore.

When you add a medicine, Pills on the Go asks you to enter the amount of pills you currently have and when you are going to resupply. The application analyzes these information and notify when you are going to run out of your pills, you get a visual cue when you need to take more medication. This way you will never run out of pills again.


Pros: User friendly UI, Alarm for the next medicine (plan)

Cons: Sluggish when you try to open the app using the widgets, and no more update by developers

 Pills on the GO General Features:

  • Get alarm for taking the pills
  • View the upcoming plan using the widgets
  • Very friendly user interface
  • Adjust your dose when taking medication
  • Auto repeat alarm for up to 30 minutes
  • Notifies when running out of medications


Download Pills on the Go from Google Play