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Plume for Twitter: Best Twitter Client for Android

| 25 September 2013 |

Plume for Twitter is a Twitter client for Android and perhaps the most customizable one. Manage columns, change font size, customize colors, pick different themes and hide avatars all in a nice user interface. If you like to see your Facebook account simultaneously, no problem. Plume for Twitter lets you concurrently access both accounts and see their timeline in different columns. It also supports multiple Twitter accounts.

Plume’s user interface is based on columns. Once you logged in to your account you see timeline, latest updates, direct messages, Mentions, Facebook and more all in the columns. You can add, edit and delete columns. If you have added more than one Twitter account, you may assign each account a column and navigate between them by swiping the screen left and right. Other swiping gestures are: Swipe up & down to navigate through the feeds, Swipe left to right from off screen to open the menu. The menu lists your accounts as well as your columns, and you can also access Search and Trends from this menu. Trends option offers global trends as well as trends for countries like UAE, Brazil and Australia.


Composing a new tweet within Plume’s neat New Tweet window is fun. The New Tweet window has features like: Attach Picture, URL Shortening, Add Hyperlink, character counter and your accounts. The multiple account feature, lets you tweet via all your accounts (including Facebook) at once.

You can also select to stop receiving update from friends without un-following them.

Plume lets you filter out any texts, friends or social application that you hate to hear from. Mute is the feature that lets you filter anything or anyone that matches the assigned keyword without taking attentions.


Like any professional application, Plume for Twitter comes with some multi size widgets. Widgets are scrollable so that you can easily navigate through the feeds by swiping up & down.

Plume offers 5 different widgets for different home screens: 2×1, 4×1, 4×2, 4×3 and 4×4.

The 2×1 widget displays only the number of unread tweets, replies and direct messages. There is also a button that lets you tweet directly from the widget. Upon clicking Plume text icon, you will be redirected to the main application.

The 4×1 widget offers some hidden buttons and enough space for one tweet only. Tap the bottom left corner of the widget to open the New tweet dialog, tap bottom middle to refresh from server and tap bottom right corner to navigate through the latest tweets.


Except the difference in size the remaining widgets inherit the same UI and functionality. They offer space for three custom columns. When you drag the widget to your home screen the application asks you to choose your desired columns from the list of: Timeline, Mentions, Direct Messages and Facebook. You can access these columns from the three icons rested in the bottom. Click a feed to open the corresponding menu that lets you quickly Reply, view the feed in Plume, show the poster’s profile, share, add to favorite and more. Using the three buttons in the upper right side of the widget you can start searching, open the New Tweet window and refresh from server.

Pros: various customizable options, user friendly interface, support for multiple Twitter accounts, support for Facebook accounts, Mute feature

Cons: No YouTube support


General Features:

  • Multiple Twitter account
  • Support for Facebook, display timeline & compose post
  • Customizable UI
  • Lockscreen Widget (Android 4.2+)
  • Multiple widgets
  • Picture preview in timeline
  • View replies and profiles
  • Internal browsers
  • Autocomplete feature (for usernames and hash tags)
  • And a lot more


Download Plume for Twitter from Google Play