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Pocket Casts: Android Podcast App

| 13 July 2013 |

Are you a podcast fan? Well, Pocket Casts is one of the best Android podcast apps & widgets which doesn’t disappoint you at all for what it promises to deliver: A pleasant experience of listening to your favorite podcast. You have easy access to the latest podcast chosen by yourself. Thanks to the syncing and backing up option, you can listen to your favorite episodes without being worried of losing your subscriptions and playlists. What you need to have to perform setup sync is just an account. The main app includes 5 main tabs: Featured, Popular, Top Videos, Networks, and Categories. You can look for your favorite podcasts in these tabs or simply use the search bar and find your favorites. After tapping your favorite podcast, tap “Subscribe” to have instant access to the entire episodes of that channel. You can download episodes and start listening to them as soon as the download starts (You don’t need to wait for the download process to complete). Changing speed playback from 0.5x to 3.0 is another great features of pocket casts which we found it really useful sometimes. Smart Playlists is a unique feature which shows you the list of every unplayed, downloaded podcast. It is also possible to download the entire episodes of a podcast or be notified about new podcast and even change the setting in order to download the new incoming episode automatically. Before getting to the home screen widgets, we should speak about the inter face, it is just gorgeous and you will love changing tabs and looking for new podcasts between many channels. It has also been designed for tablets and tablet users may enjoy even more with their bigger screens.


There is one home screen widget and it lets you control the already playing episode. If your phone supports lock screen widgets (If you are running Jelly Bean 4.2.2) you can even control your episode from lock screen.


Download Pocket Casts from Google Play