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Press: RSS Reader for Android

| 19 July 2013 |

RSS Reader apps and widgets play an important role for those who follow some specific news categories to get the latest news all in one place and without the need to surf so many websites and news sources. Google Reader was the most famous RSS news reader and after Google shut it down, Feedly is known as the alternative option.

There are some other news reader apps and widgets for Android OS which can show the latest news of your favorite news category on your device’s home screen. We have already covered Best Android News Widgets and in this widget review we are going to get inside Press (RSS Reader) as an Android RSS Reader widget.

Press is actually an RSS client for syncing services, and since Google Reader is out of service, it now just supports: Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler. You just need to enter to your account and see the news in these three tabs: All Unread, All Read, and All Starred which is for keeping your favorite news. Tap each feed to read the news, and swipe right or left to scroll between pages, and swipe up or down to scroll between other news.

You can read the news in offline mode, copy the news link, share news, see the news in browser, and change the font of the news.

Let’s see what Press offers in the settings menu:

Syncing: Here you specify days to sync unread, read and starred items of news sources you’ve already subscribed. Time interval can be changed from every day to every month. You can also set Maximum items to sync and let the App download previously read items.

Automatic Syncing: Here you should specify the way to sync your data automatically. Should the sync starts when launching the app? Should it sync while you are on cellular data or just on Wi-Fi?

Reading: Change the order of articles from descending to ascending, and some other settings related to reading mode

There are also settings for Main Screen Layout, Article Navigation, and Cache.


Press has 2 home screen widgets:

Press Small: After adding this 1×1 widget to your home screen, you are asked to select the category and then it shows and then it shows number of unread news in the specified category.

Press Large: After adding this 4×2 widget and selecting the news category, you can see the latest news of the chosen category, as well as the number of unread news. You can also use the Refresh button to update the widget. You can also go back to the app settings, and change the widget style and customize widget appearance. The only available option is change the transparency of home screen widget.

Press is a simple and clean RSS Reader widget and is suggested to those who want to read their Feedly feeds in a new style.


Download Press from Google Play