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Pure Messenger: Your Social Life on Home Screen

| 4 June 2013 |
Android Social Widget

So you have an Android device and want to access all your messages, emails and social posts right from your home screen? This is possible using Pure Messenger.

Using this widget, it’s now possible to view and read your emails, messages, follow latest Tweets, check Facebook posts and see your contact logs from a single location on the home screen of your Android phone. Pure Messenger widget lets you decide either to view all these social events together at once or to view a selected part of them. We should note that we had some problems fetching data from Facebook and expecting to be debugged in the next update.


Pure Messenger Main Features

  • Receive emails from Gmail and POP3/IMAP compatible clients
  • view SMS and MMS messages
  • Fetching Facebook and Twitter posts
  • phone log display
  • 3 layouts: Normal, List and Scrollable list
  • Different widget size
  • Different themes
  • Full transparent theme

Note that this widget has incompatibility issues receiving emails from Gmail on Android 3.x tablets. Also remember that to use Scrollable List layout, you are required to install one of these launcher which support scrolling: ADW, Go Launcher, LiveHome or Launcher Pro. And finally, to receive emails from clients other than Gmail, you need to install K9 for Pure form Google Play.

Download Pure Messenger from Google Play

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