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Push Ups pro: Your Android Personal Trainer

| 31 July 2013 |

Say hello to your Personal Trainer on Android. Push Ups Pro is all about doing push-ups and getting fit. To start training, you are asked to do as many push-ups as you can at one time. Based on the result, your training plan is created. For example if you do 5 push-ups at a time, then your first training day, you are to do 11 push-ups, divided to 5 set: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3 times. After each set, you are allowed to rest for a while. After finishing the exercise the app starts analyzing to see if you have been fit enough or not. It understands how well you have done the push-ups by answering how did you feel after the exercise: So Easy for Me, It was right, and So hard for me. The next session plan is updated again based on the provided data. You can see the calories burnt and number of push-ups in a graph during different months. All your records can be backed up to SD card and you are able to restore them if needed.

How does Push Ups Pro understand you are doing pus-ups? Well, what you need to do is to touch the screen with your chin or nose to count as a push-up (of course the app doesn’t distinguish the difference between tapping with your nose or your finger, so you need to be honest with yourself).

Another good feature of Push Ups is about notifications. You should set the notification interval (every day, every other day, every 3 days,…), set time and the app notifies you that it is training time with custom ringtone and vibration.


Push Ups Pro Main Features:

  • A personal trainer which is expert in push-ups
  • Showing the statistics in graphs
  • Offer push-ups plans, based on your condition
  • Backup and restore records to SD card
  • Home screen widget


The Home screen widget of Push Ups Pro is to let you get a hold of your daily and weekly activities. This 2×1 widget show how many push-ups you have done so far in the week and the day, and it makes more sense when you use other fitness apps (Like SitUps, Squats, and PullUps) and you can see your records at a glance in different training types.


Push Ups Pro is a really useful Android fitness app and widget, and if you use it regularly, you are going to be fit and in shape.


Download Push Ups pro from Google Play