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Power Toggles: Quick Access to Android Setting

| 29 May 2013 |
Android System Settings
Power Toggles is a very powerful and advanced widget which can be used for controlling and managing all parts and communication features of Android cell phones or tablets.  This application by utilization of beautiful and understandable icons can help the user greatly, to control the features like wireless communications, phone profiles, communication features and many more.

By employing this seemingly simple widget, you can do the things which previously was forced to do among lots of menus and options; you can change, enable or disable features that accessing to them sometimes were not even possible.

This widget brings 40 different features to your smart phone or tablet which to mention some of them we can say, special buttons to control the WsiFi, Data, Bluetooth, Search and Sync, turning the camera flash to flash light, customizable shortcut for the program of choice, customizable shortcut for the system settings and many more.

This application supports the home screen and notification bar widgets and moreover the new add-ons widgets in Jelly Bean. In Android 4.2, you can use this widget in the lock screen as well. To customize the application, some tools have been provided that will able the user to adjust all the icons one by one and also alter their color theme.

The developers saw all the possibilities and put a feature to back up your settings and in case of any problem or reset to factory default, you can import the backup settings once again to the application. This feature is located in a section called “Import/Export”.

To wrap up the things, we are going to bring the important features of this application once again, Power Toggles can toggle:

  • WiFi
  • Data
  • Flashlight
  • Screen Rotation
  • Network Selection
  • Bluetooth
  • Select or change the profiles
  • Manage the cable communications
  • GPS
  • Screen Brightness Control

You can get Power Toggles from the Google play for free.

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