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Quick System Info PRO: Android System Info Widget

| 2 July 2013 |
Quick System Info PRO is one of the best Android app and widget in its category: Android System Information. By installing this App on your Android phone or tablet you get to know detailed information about: status of your memory storage, processor, network, battery and sensors.
After opening the app, you can see 4 main tabs of this application: Basic Info, Application, Processors, and Nee Stats.

The Application tab shows you the entire installed apps in 5 default categories: All, System, User, Recent, Untagged. There is a really cool feature in this tab which is called “Usage Stats”. To access this feature, hit Menu Button and select “Usage Stats” while your at Application tab. It shows you home many time you have launched each applications, and how much time you have spent on these applications. You may be surprised when seeing the time you have spent on a specific app or game.

The Processes tab shows home much each application (both system apps and installed apps by users) is using the memory. Tapping each app provides you these options: Switch To, End Task, End Others, Ignore, Details, Supervise, Force Stop, and View Logs. The cool feature in this tab, is for sure “Live Monitor” feature. hit the Menu button and select “Live Monitor”. Choose either CPU usage or Memory usage. The CPU usage shows the usage of CPU in real time for each Core separately. This live monitor window stays on top of the screen unless you close it

Quick System Info PRO Features:

  • System Basic Info: Memory, Processor, Battery
  • Live CPU and Memory Usage
  • Application Usage Time and Launch Count
  • Android Task Killer
  • Quick History & Cache Cleaner
  • Add applications to Ignore List or Supervise list

This Application shows some info on the notification panel too. you just need to drag down the notification bar to see information like: Network Status, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, and Battery status. You can have live CPU usage monitor by tapping the arrow key, showed in the screenshot below.


There are 6 Home Screen widgets available, which four of them are 1×1 and acts as a quick access to these features: Quick History Cleaner, Quick Cache Cleaner, Quick System Info, Quick Task Killer. The other widget contains all 4 mentioned features, and the last one lets you choose 3 of them. The only personalization feature available is to change the transparency of the widget.

Download Quick System Info PRO from Google Play