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School Helper: Make Your School Life Organized

| 13 September 2013 |
It is back to school time, and we’ve already reviewed Timetable as one of the best Android apps and widgets to organize your school life. School Helper is another great school life organizer with some great features and 3 different widget types for exams, timetable and homeworks in different sizes.

School Helper Main Features

  • Add Lessons, Mark, Homework, Notes and Exams
  • Add weighs for each mark
  • Different marking systems: Numbers, Percent, Letters (A-F), and Points (o-15)
  • Setting Notifications to be reminded at a specific day before the an exam or homework due date
  • Supports multiple weeks if you have more than one timetable
  • Create backup, import and export data
  • Get an overview for a subject (Marks, homework, notes, and exams)
  • Setting priorities for each homework
  • Home screen widgets

There are 3 different home screens to show the timetable, exams, or homework for the current day in 3 different sizes: 2×2, 4×2, and 4×4. There is also a plus icon to get you a quick access to create a new event on your schedule right from home screen. The missing feature about the widgets is that, it doesn’t display an overview of your schedule by showing all your timetable, exams and homework in one home screen widget and you have to add 3 different widgets to home screen to get an overview of what you are about to do today. The other feature we would like to see is the option to change days in the widget.

In overall, School Helper provides some useful features to make your school life organized and the home screen widgets help you track your schedule by just unlocking your device and see the first page of your screen.

Download School Helper from Google Play