Lastet Review

See your School Titmetable Widget on your Android Device

| 12 September 2013 |

Do you remember the old colorful paper timetable in your childhood? Well, no matter what the answer would be, this is what the student of any grade is recommended to have. Stay with us to see an updated version of that timetable, this time on your Android device!

A very intuitive Android application, Timetable is a beautiful widget to manage the school and university life. Add your classes, homework, examinations into the application and see them managed in a well-organize way. If you have multiple Android smartphones or tablets, no problem, Timetable is perfectly optimized for both. You only need to enter that info once, then you can sync through all your Android devices. 

The application has some multi size widgets: Two 3×2 and two 3×1 widgets. The first 3×2 widget displays the list of daily classes. The arrow on the upper right side of the widget displays the table for one day ahead. The other widget displays list of incomplete tasks (upcoming exams, homework, etc.). The two smaller widgets are designed to display the same info – this time a limited version of them – in a smaller size: One to display the daily tasks and another for the list of incomplete tasks. Upon tapping the narrow bar in the upper side of the bigger widgets, the main application runs. This is where you control everything. Here you will be able to add classes, tasks, see full info for the current classes, login (in order to sync or to take a backup), access the settings and change the App Theme, see a countdown for the next upcoming class, see the full timetable for any desired day and more! You can also search through your tasks and classes.

This is the one widget you don’t want to miss.


Timetable Main Features

  • Theme support (Light and Dark themes currently available)
  • Easy synchronization over multiple Android devices
  • Notification for lessons and tasks
  • Optimized for Tablets and Phones
  • Search through timetable and tasks
  • Lockscreen widget for Android 4.2+ users
  • Auto mute feature – Automatically mute the phone in the class
  • Many more

Download Timetable from Google Play Store