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Shazam: Identify Song on Android

| 19 June 2013 |

Shazam is an innovative application for Android devices. If you want to know what song is being played on radio or TV, just hold the phone near the source long enough. It simply listens to a piece of music, searches that in its database, identifies it, says the song’s lyrics, name and artist and then you can even preview, buy and download. This is all done via the tagging page in Shazam. In “my tags” section, you will find the list of songs you have tagged to revise later. The integration with Myspace will also help you find the band’s page if they already have one there. Like any useful application, Shazam comes with its own widget. The widget coming with Shazam eases the act of tagging and will enable you to tag right from your home screen. If you are in a hurry and need to know the name of that song being played from the car’s radio, then the widget will come handy. Just add the widget to your home screen and tap Shazam icon and it immediately starts listening. A 4 x 1 space is enough for the widget to display the latest tag details on it.

Shazam Main Features

  • 30 seconds song preview
  • Streaming lyrics
  • YouTube integrated – watch music and videos from YouTube
  • Share with friends over Facebook and Twitter
  • Home screen widget
  • See list of recommended tracks based on what you listens frequently
  • Buy tracks you love from Amazon MP3

 **Some of the features like “Recommendations” are for premium users, and some features may apply only for selected countries.


Download Shazam from Google Play