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Simple Calendar Widget: See Events in an Elegant Way

| 23 September 2013 |

Simple Calendar Widget is an excellent simple Android widget used to display the calendar in a new fashion way. Consisting of 6 widgets, this application let you have a fully customizable layout with calendar events in a nice glossy box right on your home screen. Just drag any of the widgets on your home screen, set your source calendar and see all the day/month events for that calendar at a glance!

Simple Calendar has a simple UI and does not have the complexity of many widgets. But behind this simplicity and UI lies a world of settings and options.

To start, drag any of the 6 widgets to your home screen based on your desired size. You have an option of any of the 4×1, 4×2, 4×3 and 4×4 widgets and done! You don’t have to do anything more. But if you don’t like the look or you want to change a setting, head up to the main application, click Settings and choose the desired widget to open the settings for that one.

The Calendars section is used to change your Calendar Source, Visible Calendars, maximum number of events to display on the widget, search days and other calendar based settings. There is also the option to change the Calendar application to open on tap (by default it runs the system built-in calendar)

If you are a Dato GTasks or Astrid user, this would be a good news for you. Simple Calendar is integrated with these two apps. Select your application from the Tasks Source and the application does the rest for you.


The next two section is for optimizing the general look and feel. The Skin section lets you visualize, preview and download new skins where the Appearance section lets you tweak the chosen theme. In this section you can adjust everything related to the skin. From the font options and background color to the color of line spacer and today’s event and almost anything in the widget. 

If we want to describe Simple Calendar Widget in one sentence, we should say: “See Your Events in an Elegant and Stylish Way”

Download Simple Calendar Widget from Google Play