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Slider Widget: Control System Volumes From Home Screen

| 22 September 2013 |

One of the most useful handy applications for Android, Slider widget is an Android widget application that lets you control system volumes and brightness using a floating slider dialog on your home screen. The floating slider can be manually adjusted (by dragging the slider) so that if you don’t like to use your hardware buttons on your phone/tablet, this is what you are going to love! The graphics used with this widget is not only cute and lovely, but also customizable.

First of all you need to add them to your home screen. There are 4 widgets available to choose: 1×1, 2×1, 3×1 and 4×1. The first one has room for one item, the second one for two, the third for four and the last one for 6 items. After adding any of them to your home screen, single tap on it to display the floating slider. Here you can adjust the slider by dragging your finger over it. On the upper right side of the floating, there is a wrench icon that directs you to the Appearance Settings. This page helps you adjust and customize the widget as you like.


The Categories & Order lets you choose what items you want to have over your widgets. There are 7 items to choose: Brightness, Ring volume, Media volume, Notification volume, Voice call volume, Alarm volume, and System volume. Just drag any icon you want on the widget in the preview panel to have it available on your home screen widget.

In the Color & background section you can change the color theme or set the background to be Transparent.

Change the position of the Slider Dialog in the Screen position section. So that next time when you click on the widget, it would appear in the chosen place on the home screen.

Other cool feature of Slider Widget is the Toggle function. Use buttons with double-tapping to toggle between mute and max volume or to toggle between automatic and manual brightness.

As a result

Positive Points: Graphics and functionalities are brilliant. The multi size widgets are really great for different tastes and needs.

Negative Points: We think there need to be more customization to this widget especially in the appearance section. It was nice if we could have custom icons and had control over status graphic and background color.


Slider Widget – Volumes General Feature

  • 4 multi size widgets
  • Control volume and brightness
  • Change values manually or by hardware buttons (up/down keys on your phone)
  • Change the order of categories
  • Set Transparent background, selectable theme color
  • Double click to toggle settings


Download Slider Widget from Google Play