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Stock Quote: Real Time Stock Quote on Android

| 8 August 2013 |
What does an investor in financial markets need the most? Get to know the latest indices in major markets? Be able to add their own portfolio? Get a real time stock quote update for different markets like: Futures markets, Exchange Traded Funds(ETF), Funds, Currencies rates? Receive latest financial news? Viewing market charts? Well, how about having these features all in one application? Stock Quote is one of the richest feature Android finance app and widget which is a MUST for everyone following financial markets.

Stock Quote Main Features:
  • Add your own portfolio 
  • Latest financial news, videos, and podcast
  • Technical charts with different indicators: MACD, MFI, ROC, RSI and different overlays  including: Bollinger Bands, Parabolic
  • Latest indices in major markets all around the world
  • Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Futures Market, Currency exchange rate

There are 2 home screen widgets offered by Stock Quote

Stock Quote (Large): When adding this 4×3 home screen widget, you are asked to select a portfolio of yours or major indices. Now, on the home screen you can see the latest quotes of the stocks in your portfolio (or indices), as well as the price change over last period. Tapping the bottom of the widget, opens the latest news.
As shown on the widget, quote updates about every 30 minutes, tapping on any symbol or portfolio name refreshes all, tapping on a widget opens app.

Stock Quote (Small): This 2×1 widget provides 3 options: Add a stock or portfolio, Add a currency exchange rate, add a commodity futures with selected maturity date. This small size widget is really useful for following some selected stocks but the strange thing we faced was regarding updating the widget. If you tap on a widget to update the quotes, the other small widgets are updated too. 

What we liked most about Stock Quote, is supporting the variety of financial markets from stock prices to commodity futures, useful home screen widgets and most of all those simple technical charts in different time intervals. 

Download Stock Quote from Google Play