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Style Widget is a Weather and Clock Widget Supporting Different Themes

| 2 October 2013 |

We have already reviewed  bunch of weather and clock applications and widgets with the same purpose but different designs and features. Style Widget is another graphical clock and weather app which has something new to say. Focusing on customization, Style Widget lets the users change the widget UI using themes. You don’t need to download new themes from the web if you are already using either Beautiful Widgets or Fancy Widgets to decorate your Home Screen. Other than the mentioned apps, you can still enjoy the pretty default glossy theme if you don’t have any of those two apps or other apps which provide themes and icons.

The application provides 8 home screen widgets suitable for different user’s taste and of course screen sizes: 4 combined weather and clock widgets, 1 2×1 separate clock widget and 3 weather only widgets. The 1×1 weather widget displays a weather icon and the time only. The other two weather widgets shows forecast for 5 upcoming days.


The original language to this application in not English (its Korean), this app is only a translated version of that and I must say the translation is not that good.

Select any of the widgets and the settings window appears. This window enables us to modify city, select themes, give an update interval and select units and time formats. You can manually type in your city or you can use Real Time Geo-location to detect your city automatically using your device’s current position. The other thing I noticed here is that you can’t use multiple widgets with different settings. As you modify any options for a widget, that would be applied to all others too.


On the widget, clicking the time will get you to the alarm clock application and clicking the weather part will open up the main Style Widget application. There is no option to change these shortcuts, unfortunately. From within the main application you can access information for wind, humidity, real feel and 5 days forecast. You can also add 4 more cities and follow their weather conditions if you want.

 Pros: Nice weather icons, support for Fancy Widgets and Beautiful Widgets themes

Cons: Very sluggish, All the widgets are applied with one settings and you can not modify the settings of each widgets separately


General Features

  • 8 weather/clock widgets
  • Support for Fancy Widgets and Beautiful Widgets themes
  • 5 days forecast
  • Customizable text color
  • Support for transparent background color


Download Style Widget from Google Play