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Swiss Army Knife for Android (App & Widget)

| 29 July 2013 |

When you hear the “Swish Army Knife” term, you think of a device, which can function as multi-tool device. Tools like knife, screwdriver, can opener, scissors, multi-purpose hook, magnifying lens, ruler and more. But what do you think when you hear the term “Swiss Army Knife as an Android App or Widget”? Let’s be reasonable and don’t expect our Android phone functions as a knife or screwdriver (Although, some devices may be used as a Brick).

Super Swiss Army Knife is an Android App and Widget which adds 8 useful functions to your device. These 8 functions are: Simple measure, Flashlight, Cross vertical measure, Compass, Distance measure, Bubble level, Plumb, and Magnifier.

Distance measure uses some Geometry Formulas to measure the distance between any object and you as well as the height of the object. It takes a while to get used to how to align your eyes, phone, and the object in a straight line and get an accurate result.

The Magnifier feature actually uses the digital zoom of your device’s camera.

Bubble Level is used to check whether the objects are level to the surface or have some deviation.

Flashlight works fine but we expected to be able to use flashlight while using other features of the app; for example finding the height of an object in a dark place.

The widget of Super Swiss Army Knife lets you open 4 functions from home screen: Ruler, Flashlight, Distance measure, and Compass. We should mention that compass worked super accurate in our tests. We couldn’t find a way to replace our 4 favorite functions with the existing ones, which was somehow disappointing.


Super Swiss Army Knife in general works fine and all the 8 functions can be useful in different situations, especially when travelling. The user interface is a little bit confusing and it wasn’t working smoothly, and it didn’t feel like a real Swiss Army Knife!

Download Super Swiss Army Knife Free from Google Play