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Switch Pro: Android Toggle Widget

| 3 June 2013 |
Android Toggle Widget

Switch pro is a collection of comprehensive switch widgets, which let you enable or disable many system settings. This user friendly widget has a simple and elegant interface. In addition, it doesn’t use much RAM and CPU and will not use any of the data resources. By installing this application, you can instantly manage many system settings with just a touch of your fingers from the home screen. The available customization features, make this widget totally flexible, so you can change almost everything in its interface, from the color or background to the number of buttons. You also have this option, to create a schedule for automate enabling or disabling of some items and moreover to schedule to move them to the notification bar.

This application will give you total control over Bluetooth, screen brightness, GPS, Auto rotate, Airplane mode, resetting the handset and many more.

If you count the options which you can manage quickly and directly just from inside this widget, it will be over 30 features which to access them normally, you should search among many menus and sections.

Some of the toggle features are,

  • WiFi
  • Data Connection
  • Bluetooth
  • Screen Always On
  • Switch among Networks
  • Task Manager
  • Memory Usage
  • Battery Usage
  • Toggle NFC

You can download SwitchPro Widget from Google Play.

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