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Tiny Flashlight + LED: Torch for Android (App and Widget)

| 23 July 2013 |

When you search “Torch” in Google, about 23000 results are shown. But what is the best among these apps and widgets to use the LED Flash of your Android device as a Torch? Tiny Flashlight + LED without any doubts is the best free Android Torch widget and app.

When opening the app, you see a big icon to toggle the torch on or off. Let’s tap the settings button to see what Tiny Flashlight offers. You can choose one of these actions: LED Light, Screen Light, Morse code, Strobe Light, Warning Light, Light Bulb, Color Light and Police Lights.

Other than the LED light, we found Morse code and Strobe light very interesting. You can use Morse codes to send SOS message via light (It supports Text to Morse code). Strobe Mode can be customized and you can change the interval. Make sure you pay attention to the warning before using this mode; Strobe lighting can trigger seizures in photosensitive epilepsy!


The Home Screen Widget of Tiny Flashlight does one simple action: It turns on / off the Torch. You can also choose from the 7 available widget icons to add to your home screen.

The Ads are only shown when you are in the app, and while you are toggling the torch from the home screen widgets, these ads cannot disturb you.


Download Tiny Flashlight + LED from Google Play