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Volume Control Widget for Android

| 25 July 2013 |

There are 4 different sound types in Android phones. Which are: Ringtone, Notifications, Media (Music, Video, Games, and other media files), and Alarm. You can increase or decrease each of them separately which helps you customize the device volume according to your needs. But to adjust volumes individually, you need to go to Settings, find Sound settings, find Volume settings and change the settings which takes some time. Thanks to Widgets for Android, you can install volume widgets to adjust the volume of each of these sounds right from your home screen. These widgets come in 2 types:

  1. Tapping the widget, takes you to the main app, and you have to continue from the app (they actually act as an app shortcut)
  2. You can directly change the volume from home screen, and there is no need to enter the application

In this AW Center widget review, we are going to review the one of the widgets in the second category which is the simplest yet the best Android volume control widget. Volume Control Widget provides 4 home screen widgets to adjust the volume of Ringer, Media, Alarm and Notification separately. The user interface is ultimately simple and you just need to tap the volume down and up icons to change the volume. There is also a volume bar which shows the intensity of volume at the moment. I have added the Media widget and check it regularly to see if the volume is set to mute or not.

If you are looking for a super light, easy to use, and useful Android Volume Control Widget, then Volume Control Widget is the right choice for you.

Download Volume Control Widget from Google Play