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Wave to Answer Call on Any Android Phones

| 11 August 2013 |
Air Gesture is one of the great features of Galaxy S4 which lets you communicate with your phone without touching it and one of the applications of Air Gesture on GS4 is waving you hand to answer incoming calls without the need to press or tap any button. This AW Center review is about introducing an application which brings Wave to Answer Call feature on any Android devices. Air Call-Accept uses the proximity sensor to identify your waving hand when there is an incoming call.
If you are using the free version, you just have the option to swipe your hands over proximity sensor to answer calls, but the paid version provides the option to reject calls by waving, turn the speaker on when answering the call and send a text message when rejecting the call.


There is a home screen widget available for Air Call-Accept which functions as a toggle button and you can easily enable or disable the service.

When using the app, we didn’t face any problem and it didn’t answer the call automatically when the phone was in the pocket. There is no option to change the sensitivity of the sensors and you may accidentally answer the call, when picking up the phone to see the calling number. As a conclusion, we can say, Air Call Accept is the best Android app bringing one of the application of S4 Air Gesture feature on other Android devices.

If you are planning to get the pro version, note that the developer doesn’t promise app functionality for every type of Android phones and you need to try the free version to see if it works fine for you or not.

Download Air Call-Accept from Google Play