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Wedding Countdown Widget: How Many Kisses Until the Wedding?

| 9 December 2013 |

Add to the excitement of waiting for your big day with this unique countdown application, Wedding Countdown Widget.  Unlike most other countdowns, which highlight only upcoming hours (not even days), Wedding Countdown Widget counts down your wedding in many different units, from years and months to minutes and seconds, heartbeats or even kisses! The countdown happens within a fully customizable homescreen widget. Counting down the wedding is only half part of this amazing app, and it will turn into an Anniversary application as soon as you start the new life!


Wedding Countdown offers two multi size widgets.
The first one, 4×1 size, displays the waiting time over a solid background strip with a phrase “Until our wedding”. The other one, 4×4 (available only in premium version), displays the countdown strip over love photos. You are free to add your custom photos or to use the default ones. None of the widgets are resizable and you can’t change font sizes either.

Clicking the widgets brings up the main application where you can see the countdown full screen. Here you can share snapshots of your countdown over Facebook, Twitter or Email. Tapping the ribbon on the photo opens the Font & Color section in the Settings where you can set your custom color and font for the displaying text and background. The preview at the bottom helps you see what you are achieving. The good news is you can adjust transparency for texts or background here. The only thing we really miss is – as mentioned above – the text size option.


It’s quite easy to work with the app. You give your bridal date and choose the type in the Settings: Anniversary or Countdown. Then define which units you want to use: time unit (like year, day, seconds etc.), heartbeats or kisses. It’s possible to choose multiple time units at once.

From Phrases section in the settings, it possible to change the default “Until our wedding” phrase. This way not only you can use this app for bridal countdowns, but for any other big events in the life: “Until my graduation”, “Until retirement”, or any other custom texts.

The last but not least is the Slideshow feature that Premium users can enable to make the application flip through photos with options to control the Transition and Animation Speed.

The premium version of Wedding Countdown Widget is ad free and enables access to 4×4 homescreen widget, multiple countdowns, and slide show.


General Feature
  • Countdown wedding application
  • 2 multi-size homescreen widgets
  • Customizable widget UI
  • Flexible countdown units – from years to heartbeats and kisses
  • Turns to Anniversary reminder after wedding
  • Option to use custom photos as background
  • Play music while counting
  • Custom phrases

Pros: Flexible countdown units, support for Anniversary, sharing features (share bridal countdown)

Cons: Non resizable widgets, No customized fonts size, The app crashed a few times

Download  Wedding Countdown Widget From Google Play