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Zooper Widget: All-in-One Widget with Ultimate Customization

| 11 September 2013 |

Zooper widget is as its developer says “Minimal, classy, extremely customizable and battery friendly, do it yourself, Widget with almost limitless possibilities!”

It is rather a widget creator than a widget. If you really want to create your own favorite widget and know no coding, then this application is for you. Add tons of stuff on your boring home screen and give it a life from weather forecasts to calendar, battery stats, different clocks and many more. Believe me when I say “the more I write about its features, the more there will be left to talk about!” It has tons of options and features while still keeping a clean and organized look.

After you install the application, you will face with 18 multi size widgets from 1×1 to 6×2 (Some may not work on smaller screens). Upon dragging one of them on your home screen, the application runs with four options: Empty, Built-in, SD Card and Auto Save.

To start from scratch select the Empty option. But I extremely advise you to start with the Built-in Standard Templates. Select any of these templates and start playing with it. After you mastered the options, go back to the Empty slot and create your own favorite widget.


After clicking Empty from the list, you will be redirected to your widget settings. The game begins here. The first option, Layout, lets you edit and create the basic principles and design. For the layout these options are available:

  • Text: Lets you create a text for your widget. You could write a static text message or you could choose to have the text display the time, date, battery, weather, calendar, astronomy, locality… and of course you are free to change the X & Y offsets, text size, font, color, alignment, scale, rotation, width or even to give it a curve! It reminds me of Photoshop, and yes, like in Photoshop, you can give your text a shadow. The advanced parameters are for experienced users and lets you customize your item even more!
  • Rich Text: It almost has the same functionality as above with more advanced options like: a BB code style syntax, multiline, margins and more.
  • Rect: Used to create rectangular shapes with ability to give it a width, height, outline, color, rotation, curving, corners as well as offsets, shadow, gradient color and advanced configurations.
  • Series: Lets you create date based horizontal and vertical series.
  • Scalable Icon & Bitmap Set: Add font icons or bitmaps that dynamically change based on current weather, battery status, time or more.
  • Progress Bar: To have a dual color dynamic progress bar.
  • Bitmap: To add a static bitmap to your widget from your gallery.

Away from the Layout, Widget Background lets you change the background color. To set an on click behavior, choose the Widget OnTap Action that lets you go straightly to alarm settings, start an application, do nothing or force an update.

Remember the last part of the developer’s quote? “Widget with almost limitless possibilities!” It is really impossible to include all those limitless features in this limited review. You will have to give it a shot yourself to see how it really works.

The last thing to mention is that this great widget is in two PRO and free versions. The PRO version does not have any ads and unlocks all of the available widget settings as well as loading & saving templates and more.

Download Zooper Widget from Google Play Store