this widget shows the percentage of battery left on your home screen and does not  consume any extra power


- Show battery percentage in your status-bar.
- Battery widget that shows big percentage indicator and remaining time!
- Automatically calculates remaining battery time based on your recent activity! (On first use, it might take up to 30 minutes for the application to correctly calibrate)
- Does NOT consume any extra power. Unlike some other applications available.
- Multilingual: English, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish. (If you want to help translate into more languages, please get in touch!)
- Small filesize. Takes up almost no memory.

Some users are confused about the remaining time. It is calculated based on your latest activity! E.g.: Suppose you are watching a movie, which obviously drains the battery quickly. Shortly after watching you start charging, and once it reaches 100% you unplug. The app will calculate the remaining time as if you were still watching a movie! After all, this was your latest activity before you plugged in your phone. Give it some time to adjust (±30 minutes) to your new usage pattern!

Attention Android 4.0 users: You might have to reboot your phone for the widget to show up!


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