A flipping clock widget which flips the minutes and hourse very smoothly


A retro style flip clock with smooth animation for on your home screen. The only widget with smooth animation that works in every launcher or lock-screen.

!! Beta Version !! Bugs can happen.
- Please vote on potential.
- Report bugs to¬†[email protected]

This is a home screen widget. To use it you should:
- Long-press an empty space on your home screen.
- Choose "Animating Flip Clock Widget beta" from the widget menu.

- A smooth animated (real) flip.
- AM/PM and 24-hour modes.
- Select an app to launch on touch.
- More to come.

Known Issues:
- Widget can't be removed on MIUI roms
- The widget gets clipped in landscape

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Android Animating Flip Clock WidgetAndroid Animating Flip Clock Widget