Countdown Widget enables you to set a deadline to an event and it starts counting down till the due date


Get reminded about important events in your life. Never miss another birthday, anniversary, wedding or football game. Are you manually calculating days left until delivering a baby, serving the army, salary, bonus, summer holiday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, ski trip? Did you ever forget important date and felt bad about it? Using countdown widget, you will never miss one again.

You can also add multiple events. For example, you can set one date for your yearly bonus and the other for your Hawaii trip :)

Once the desired date has been reached, widget starts to count the days passed. You can also customize the size and the layout color of the widget to make it more personal.

How to use it? It is simple. After selecting the Countdown widget you just need to enter the date and title of an event to count down to. Widget shows number of days left until the event, on your desktop.

And all of it - for free! :)

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Countdown WidgetCountdown WidgetCountdown WidgetCountdown WidgetCountdown Widget