Get the title and the summary of latest news all over the world on your home screen


 Get the latest news for free!

You can check the latest news about politics, economy, sports and more. You can also add news ticker widgets on your home screen or your lock screen.

☆ Features

▽ News Categories!
You can choose the news from 10 different categories.
- Top Stories
- World
- Local
- Business
- Technology
- Entertainment
- Sports
- Science
- Health
- Spotlight

▽ Detail News Views!
- You can read news by your favorite browser.
- You can read the title and summary of the news while loading the news details.

▽ News Ticker Widget!
- You can add the news widget with a ticker running smoothly.
- News ticker widgets also have a title and summary of the latest news.
- To save energy, the widgets stop completely when the home screen is not shown. This gives you long battery life.
- Lock screen widgets are available for Nexus4, Nexus7 and Galaxy Nexus (Android version 4.2).

▽ Global News!
News about the following countries is available.

- Australia
- Canada
- India
- Ireland
- Israel
- Malaysia
- New Zealand
- Pakistan
- Philippines
- Singapore
- U.K.
- U.S.

▽ Colorful Design!
- You can choose from 6 different designs for the app.
- You can also choose 14 different colors including transparent for the widget.

▽ Read the Latest News from 4500 News Sources for Free!
- This free application provides you the latest news from more than 4500 newspapers and online news.
- Adding widgets on your homescreen or lockscreen, you can read the newsflash.

▽ Get the news from all over the world!
- You can check news and newspapers in Italian, Dutch, Spanish, German,Turkish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) and Japanese.
- You can display news and newspapers in 59 countries and regions such as the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, France, Switzerland, Italia, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and more!

▽ Popular Free News App!
- This news app is introduced as a popular free news app.

▽ Reliable News Reader

This app's developer has been registered as a official developer by an independent organization in Japan.
http://goo.gl/C4qIk (in Japanese)

The permissions requested by this app are used for the following reasons:

- Full network access
Used to get the news from Internet.

- Retrieve running apps
Used to confirm whether the home screen is displayed or not. In order to save energy, the widgets stop when screen is off.

- View network connections
Used to confirm whether internet access works or not. In order to save the battery, the widgets update stops when internet access doesn't work.

The latest information about this app is here.
- Facebook http://goo.gl/ecIQc
- Twitter http://goo.gl/oJ8WJ

※ Copyright content published quotes attributed to the website.

※ This application is an updated version of the news app called 'NewsFlash!' that was released previously.

※ For those who use Sharp devices
Sharp devices (AQUOS PHONE, PANTONE, GALAPAGOS, Disney Mobile) has the power save functions which stop widget.
Please turn off 'Power Saving Mode' so that news widgets work correctly.
In order to save power, this app automatically stops the widget is not displayed.

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