A simple data controller widget to toggle 4G LTE on or off


*Currently doesn't work well with Sprint 4G Phones. We're working on it. Sprint phones toggle in a much different way.*

Shorten the time it takes to turn 4G on or off, and save battery life! This app can be used as a Widget, or a normal shortcut (widget is recommended).

Note: There is currently no way to directly turn 4G on or off on the Verizon devices from a widget or application. This application takes you to the option directly so that you can make the change without much hassle. This is the fastest way available for the moment until Verizon releases more information, or an update is made that changes this. This application will be kept up-to-date with the most recent method.

Upcoming changes:
1. Add a visual display so the user can see when in 3G, and when in 4G.
2. Improve toggling for Sprint 4G.

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4G Toggle4G Toggle