Some cool customizable Audio Control widgets which function as volume management in the system. Creating Profiles, Quick and Custom Vibrations is 2 of the great functions


Audio Control provides an amazing and unique volume management experience.

Audio Control has 5 components: Profiles, Schedules, Exceptions, Quick and custom Vibration. Each provides a unique way to control how your phone sounds and behaves.

A complete tutorial with screenshots and videos can be found at:http://www.mobiletrialware.com/audiocontrol

The purpose of Audio Control is to allow you to create and manage unique audio profiles and switch between them with ease. When a profile is applies all the sounds of the device will change to match that profile.

Three optional plugins are also available for purchase: Location, WiFi Access Point, and Charging. These plugins will give you the ability to apply audio profiles in the most simple ways possible.


Note: some features are only available from an in app purchase

★ Separate Notification and Ringer volumes for ICS/JB devices (turn on this feature in settings)
★ 13 Widgets that are completely customizable
★ Schedule all device sounds by day and time
★ 10 Shortcuts to access any part of Audio Control or apply a profilep quickly
★ Profile widget that is resizable and can have multiple instances
★ Download FREE custom widget background or make and share your own from the developers website
★ A separate speakerphone volume for when the speakerphone is too loud or quiet
★ Profiles for Headsets (Bluetooth and Wired)
★ Locale and Tasker support for scheduling by location and more!* (Requires Locale or Tasker app)
★ Complete Tutorial so you don’t miss out on anything
★ Tablet optimized
★ Car Mode Profile
★ Never miss a text or phone call "Exceptions" which will auto adjust the volume
★ Adjust the device volume settings for a short period of time with "Quick" great for meetings or naps!
★ Custom vibration patterns for any installed application (ICS+ only)
★ Attach a ringtone to an Audio Profile

Profiles are a way to save and restore audio profiles, with one tap put your phone on Silent, Vibrate, Loud, Sleep, or whatever you can imagine.

Schedules provide a way to apply your audio profiles by day and time. For example apply a Sleep profile every night before bed. Or a work profile before you arrive to work.

Quick will apply a profile for a short pre-determined time and then apply a different profile when that time is up. Useful for those quick meetings the boss surprises you with.

Exceptions are a great way to never miss a phone call or SMS (Text) message. Add a contact to exceptions and when they contact you a profile will apply just moments before so you don’t miss them. "Go SMS Pro" not supported.

Widgets and Shortcuts are a great way to access any part of Audio Control from your home screen. Apply a profile with only one click! There are lots of widget and shortcut options to choose from, so don’t miss out!

English (Thanks Me!)
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Dutch (Thanks Stijn) Update by Koen, (Thanks Koen)
Hungarian (Thanks Attila)
Hebrew (Thanks Elyashiv sabach - אלישיב סבח)

If you would like to translate Audio Control please send me an email!

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