Easily add 8 quick system setting, then customize almost all the details of the widget from changing the transparency or color to changing the icon of settings and finally have easy access to almost any setting in your device


An advanced power control widget. FREE and No ADDS

** Fixed the notification widget issue on most of the devices. If the issue still persists, I have added an option to disable notification styles, which will use the old notification functionality.

Contains 40+ toggles including
Mobile Data (3G/4G)
Bluetooth (toggle, discovery and tether),
Custom application shortcut
Custom system shortcuts
And many more...

Supports homescreen widgets and notification widget. Also supports expandable notification widget on Jelly Beans.
Lockscreen widgets on android 4.2
Many customization options like changing color theme and icons for individual toggles.

Advanced functionality control in preferences:
Double Click - double click the toggle to get to the corresponding system settings page.
Haptic feedback
Motorola 1% battery hack
Customize various brightness, volume and screen timeout levels
and many more

Backup and share widget settings from the widget configure screen (Menu > Import / Export) as well as various themes for multi-icon toggles and battery toggle.


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Power TogglesPower TogglesPower TogglesPower TogglesPower Toggles