A volume manager widget that allows you to create profile and save some volume presets. You can select the profile easily on your home screen or manually change the each volum level


olume Ace is a Volume Manager that allow you to fast and easily manage your device volume levels. You can create profiles and switch or select them straight from the widgets or schedule events to change your volume settings automatically.

✓ Create your own volume presets
✓ Schedule profiles to apply automatically at the time and day you choose.
✓ 8 Widgets (Five 1x1, Two 2x1 and One 4x1)
✓ Volume Locker: Prevent ringer and/or media volume to be changed outside the app.
✓ Set silent Mode(From widget too): Silent, Vibration & Normal.
✓ Tone picker for Ringtone, Notification and Alarm
✓ Sounds while adjusting volume (using the actual ringtone)
✓ Cycle profiles by tapping widget (Supported only by widgets with levels only)
✓ Custom colors/style to widgets and main screen (Orange, Azure, Green, Red, White, Vintage, Blue Yellow, Pink and Purple)
✓ Bluetooth volume

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