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9 February 2017

10 Best Android Clock Widgets – April 2015


What are the best Android Clock Widgets? Here is our updated clock widget pack (as of April 2015) and we have considered both simplicity and beauty, as well as the extent of customization options to update our best Android Clock Widgets list. So, let’s get started     Unique Widgets Unique Widgets is known for its customization options and theMore ...

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How’s your app security?

How many apps have you developed? And how many apps are at play in the average user’s life between their phone, tablet, and laptop? WeMore ...

What Is White-box Cryptography?

What Is White-box Cryptography?

White-box cryptography methods are designed to safeguard cryptographic algorithms from key retrieval. They are mainly employed as cost-effective alternatives to token-based security in DRM-like applications. WhatMore ...