We believe Widgets are the future of Android OS. In this expected future, home screen widgets will be the main source for getting the required information by all types of users. For instance Facebook is bringing its exclusive Home Launcher to get the most out of Android home screens and soon we expect other companies make their renovated Launchers; Goole Nexus with the original Launcher, HTC with Sense, Samsung with TouchWiz and more…

Android Widget Center (AWC) expertise is finding, reviewing and selecting the BEST ANDROID WIDGETS for you to have a different and more efficient experience on your both Android Phone and Tablet. 

Our editors even go further by introducing you the Widget Packs! These unique contents make sure each taste and each user type is getting what they need on their home screen very fast and in a very user friendly style; a Student, a Traveler, a Music lover, a Stock follower, a Businessman and more…

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